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Everyone loves Persona 5 Royal as Atlus releases a new accolades trailer!

Wherever the Phantom Thieves goes, praise and roses follows!

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What are Karakuri? Find out in the first episode of Wild Hearts’ Monogatari series

Realize your dream to bonk a fauna infused animal with a comically large wooden wallet in EA and Koei Tecmo’s collaborative title.

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Super Heroes clash with Saiyans in the latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC packs

This game’s lifespan can rival Shenron’s.

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Let’s get a refresher on the world of Gungrave in this newly released overview trailer

Really can’t keep Grave in the ground…can ya?

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Run around Starfall Islands in Monster Hunter armor as the free Monster Hunter x Sonic Frontiers DLC goes live

Will Rathalos hide move the needle for the Blue Blur…probably not.

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Fight for your right to Footy…in Soccer Story on November 29th

If I could ban a sport…it probably would be women’s collegiate swimming.

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PDP/Victrix Fall Showcase recap

PDP lives up to it’s name with a slew of controllers and accessories comparable to first party offerings

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WrestleQuest coming for 2 hot dogs and a handshake in May 2023

What other ring legends will appear in this RPG?

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Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2 hits the Switch and PC simultaneously today

Thank god this series got a second volume…unlike Rap Jam.

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War Robots enters the console front with War Robots: Frontiers

Become a real mech warrior in this follow up to the hit mobile PVP title.

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Take revenge or another path…on the go as SIFU arrives on the Switch

How will Sloclap’s latest fare on Nintendo’s hybrid platform?

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Dead Cells finally declared an Indie Game now that it features a Shovel Knight cameo!

Halloween might be over…but I guess no one told The Beheaded.

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One Piece Odyssey will take you to the home of the Water Train in the latest trailer

Maybe we’ll be able to recruit Paulie as a playable character for a bit!

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Monster Couch and Steam brings us Tabletop Gathering 2022 on the digital storefront

Another event that will surely separate me from my money.

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May the fastest wield the Katana in Ghostrunner’s 2nd Anniversary Competition

Sadly the blade will be out of reach for me…

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You have the POOOOOWER in this new collaboration in Fall Guys

Thankfully this isn’t from the Kevin Smith continuity.

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Enjoy a more nuanced version of The Oregon Trail when it comes to PC, Switch on Nov. 14th

Now the natives can get dysentery!

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