Sonic the Hedgehog has Mighty Mojo…

Sonic the Hedgehog is getting to the point where they’re at Spaceballs levels of licensing…and you know what? I’m here for it. Today SEGA revealed that Mighty Mojo Toys will be releasing a new line of products emblazoned with Sonic and his Friends.

Pouch Pals feature your favorite Sonic characters’ (I’m sure Amy is someone’s favorite. visage in a plush form which holds a removal pouch that can either be microwaved or frozen for a warm or a cool embrace by your young ones (or yourself…I’m not one to judge). The initial line will feature Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow and will be available early 2024.

Mighty Mojo will also produce pool floats featuring Sonic and friends, sadly while you won’t be able to rock them for 2023 there’s always next summer! But thankfully the final product revealed through this partnership is evergreen!

The Sonic Party-In-A-Box kit will make decorating for any celebration easy. Each kit consists of disposable plates, silverware, table cloth, party games, all emblazoned with…you guessed it, Sonic and Friends.

So in this calendar year we’ve seen Sonic hawk coolers, waffle makers, toy bricks, and even Crocs. But SEGA where’s the love for your other brands, guys Like a Dragon is literally right there…adults have money too! Either way I’ll be buying one of these party in a box for my next birthday…even though no one will come to my party, but at least I’ll have Sonic and friends with me.