Sonic chills out with an Igloo collaboration

Summer is more or less here and you’ll definitely need something to keep your drinks cool while on the go. The folks at SEGA have teamed up with the company that has been keeping drinks cool since 1947, Igloo. The Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Little Playmate features a white top that is decorated with decorative decals featuring the blue hedgehog and the icon first stage from his series of games. The cooler body comes in the iconic igloo red (although why it isn’t Sonic blue is beyond me…). The Little Playmate can hold up to nine 12 oz. cans and will release on Sonic’s birthday of June 23rd. It is expected to cost $39.99 and the first 623 purchasers of this cooler will be gifted a limited edition sticker. Don’t think that stops with just one product as Igloo also plans on expanding their line of Sonic the Hedgehog branded products throughout 2023 with another playmate cooler, a softside cooler and drinkware

Sonic the Hedgehog sure has his share of kitchenware and it’ll be fascinating to see where he’ll pop his head out next. Nintendo’s marketing team better get on the phone with some plumbing supply companies because in the market share of houseware, they’re definitely falling behind!

Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Little Playmate cooler: