Sonic the Hedgehog mini Waffle Maker now available at stores

Remember the Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker that was revealed this April? It was exclusively available as a prize at Dave & Buster’s for an unspecified amount of tickets. Being a near shut-in, I thought waffles emblazoned with SEGA’s mascot would be out of my reach forever! However SEGA and Uncanny Brands decided to take pity on agoraphobe like me and those bad at carnival games by releasing Sonic mini waffle maker

How much will it cost? $27.99! Where can you buy it? Amazon, Target, Walmart, and directly on Uncanny Brands’ website. What toppings do I like on my waffles? Blueberries, fresh not frozen cause I’m cultured like that!

Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Waffle Maker product shots:

Anyways, it should start shipping on June 5th and maybe if I get good enough at carnival games I’ll earn the right to eat full size waffles…but this is a fine compromise.