Google Play pre-registrations begin for Disney Speedstorm

Players on PC, and consoles have been burning up the tracks with their favorite Disney characters in Gameloft’s free to play racer Disney Speedstorm as it is in its Early Access phase. However soon players can take the race on the go (if you’re not a Switch or Steam Deck owner) as the title will be launching on mobile. Gameloft is currently running a campaign to incentivize pre-registration sign ups which will benefit existing and racers getting ready to pull up to the starting line. Comprising 5 milestones, each will grant in-game rewards such as car cosmetics, Season Coins, Season Box & Universal Box credits.

A link to the Google Play store where you can click to pre-register is listed here. Help yourself and help other racers score some much needed resources! Otherwise see you mobile phone players in my rear view mirror!

Milestone goals with player rewards:

  • YouTube – 15K Subscribers – 10 Universal Box Credits and 5 Season Box Credits
  • Twitter – 30K Followers – 75,000 Season Coins
  • Pre-registrations – 350K – exclusive motto “#SpeedStar” and Mickey Mouse-inspired in-game avatar
  • Pre-registrations – 500K – kart vanity items for Racers Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.
  • Pre-registrations – 1M – D100-themed racing suits for Racers Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy

Disney Speedstorm is available now on PC and consoles via a paid founder’s pack, but it will eventually enter a free to play state some time in the near future.

Disney Speedstorm – Season 3 Trailer ‘ʻOhana”:

Disney Speedstorm - Season 3 Trailer 'ʻOhana'

Disney Speedstorm’s Season 3, “ʻOhana,” is now live! Expect new Lilo & Stitch Racers and a new racing environment!