Kermit the Frog joins the cast of Disney Speedstorm today in the game’s mid-season update

Show runner, musician, paramour to a porcine beauty, Kermit the Frog has worn many hats in long and storied career, but it seems like he’ll be putting on a helmet for this next career move…Race Car Driver (I don’t think anyone in Disney Speedstorm wears a helmet…so it’s aesthetics over safety, I guess?).

So while the 7th season of Disney Speedstorm is focused on Wreck it Ralph, the Muppets are finally making their debut in the season’s mid-season update and who better to be the vanguard than the franchises’ beloved spokesperson. Kermit is a speedster type racer, so they’re more concerned about outrunning the competition than using shenanigans to pull ahead. Kermit’s special ability ties into his hobby of playing the banjo. Utilizing the Banjo Connection he can quickly build his boost bar and if any competitors get close to him while the skill is active, Kermit will gain a speed boost to keep himself one leap ahead. The charged version of the move will generate a shield that will nullify any attacks and any racers who gets a little too close to his vehicle will experience a temporary top speed reduction.

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play racer from Gameloft and it is available now on PC, Mobile, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms.

Disney Speedstorm – Kermit The Frog Reveal

Disney Speedstorm - Kermit The Frog Reveal