Zenless Zone Zero declares independence as the game launches on July 4th!

If you can’t get enough of what HoYoverse is cooking, then boy are you gonna get a big helping this July 4th. As the mobile developer will be launching their urban fantasy ARPG, Zenless Zone Zero, thus making it the 4th live service game the company that will be concurrently running (Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail and no I don’t count Tears of Themis). This news comes as the game went through an Open-Beta that ended this past tuesday.

For the uninitiated, Zenless Zone Zero takes place in the last bastion of humanity, New Eridu. Humanity has been pushed to the brink due to supernatural disasters called “Hollows”. Players will take the role of a “proxy” who will take on jobs, meeting the denizens of New Eridu, exploring hollows, and exploring the mysteries behind the last human settlement.

As the game’s launch is imminent, the developer is using fans to pre-register for the title and it seems their pleas are being heard. Pre-registrations recently surpassed the 35 million mark globally and it seems to be on pace to hit 40 million. As each registration milestone is reached the developer will offer rewards that can be claimed when the game launches. Some of the bounty players may claim 30,000 Dennies (in game currency), 20 Master Tapes (summon currency), a playable agent in the form of Corin and Boopons which can be used to summon Bangboos, the game’s mascot-style assistants.

As with most of HoYoverse’ offerings your save will be usable across any platform you choose to play Zenless Zone Zero and multiplayer will feature crossplay! Meaning the pool of co-op partners are not limited to your platform of choice.

Zenless Zone Zero will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Android and iOS on July 4th.