Genshin Impact v4.7 sets up the journey to the next great nation

You know the saying “April Showers brings May Flowers”, you could probably say “Dansleif shows up and time for a new nation, bub”. Ok, I seriously need to workshop it, but the sentiment is true, as HoYoverse revealed that version 4.7 of Genshin Impact will feature an Archon Quest featuring the mysterious denizen from a nation long gone…

Along with quests that bring the traveler one step closer to reuniting with their siblings, the end game area known as Spiral Abyss will see changes where its refresh cycle will change  to once a month on 16th, its rewards increased for those who can conquer floors 9-12. Joining the Spiral Abyss is another month-long domain, albeit with a much less sinister sounding name. The Imaginarium Theater can be found in the library of the Knights of Favonius and success will only come to those who have mastered a variety of characters of each element.

Even as we are about to have Fontaine in our rearview, Version 4.7 will introduce 2 very prominent characters to players’ roster. The first is Clorinde, the strongest Champion Duelist of the nation of justice. Those crossing blades with her are those seeking to define their honor, should they best her in a duel, the winner is immediately exonerated of any charges levied to them…alas her strength usually means most of her opponents end up going to trial. She is an Electro Swordsman who also utilizes the Bond of Life mechanic first introduced with Arlecchino.

The pastel toned Melusine head nurse of the dreary Fortress of Meropide can be recruited in the second half of Version 4.7. Sigewinne like Arlecchino and Clorinde also have the ability to use the Bond of Life. Although her application will lead to enhanced healing of her party. She utilizes water bubbles that can hurt and trap enemies, increase elemental damage output of allies and even heals herself when the bubble pops. If you manage to accrue a team of characters that can use Bond of Life, you might want to consider having Sigewinne as the healer of the group.

The new 4 star character is one that players who have neglected characters quests won’t have a clue who they are (I’m guilty as charged). Sethos is a Sumerian electro archer who featured in Cyno’s Story quest. The successor of the Temple of Silence, his gimmick is charged attacks and he can shorten the charge time of his attacks by consuming elemental energy. His Elemental skill can generate Elemental energy whenever he triggers electro based reactions. For this burst attack, his regular attacks are enhanced based on his elemental mastery stat!

Other changes that will be coming to version 4.7 is the increase of the Original Resin cap from 160 to 200, which means you fit one more boss fight or two domains/leylines. A new mini-game called Mutual Security Enhancing Simulation will have you utilizing monsters in a tower defense scenario. Version 4.7 is set for a June 5th release and to build anticipation for players to step into the land of Natlan the developers release a 1 minute clip showcasing creatures you will encounter in the land of the Fire Archon.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, Mobile, and the PlayStation platform.

Natlan Preview Teaser – Saurian Wanderings | Genshin Impact #Natlan #Preview #Teaser

Natlan Preview Teaser - Saurian Wanderings | Genshin Impact #Natlan #Preview #Teaser

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