HoyoVerse reveals Zenless Zone Zero

Amidst a delay with Genshin Impact 2.7, a new beta for their turn based RPG, Honkai Star Rail and concerning news out of Shanghai in light of the Covid Zero Policy, one would think the team at HoyoVerse would be stretched thin. Apparently they?ve just been knee deep in work as the team revealed another Action RPG in the form of Zenless Zone Zero or ZZZ for short.

Taking place in the last bastion for society known as New Eridu, fighters known as Proxies take on the encroaching threat from the Hollows, the being responsible for the near collapse of the world. The art style gives me some Jet Set Radio vibes and in classic HoyoVerse fashion, character designs are extremely unique and appealing. If the light fantasy aspect of Genshin Impact didn?t hook you perhaps this change of scenery will!

Players interested in exploring New Eridu early and pushing back against the Hollows threat can visit the official website to sign up for the upcoming closed beta.

Welcome to New Eridu ? Where Humanity Rises Anew!:

Welcome to New Eridu —  Where Humanity Rises Anew! | Z·Z·Z Trailer

Dear citizens, the sub-Hollow disaster that occurred in the district you are traveling to has been contained.
Thank you for your cooperation these past days. Your application to enter the city has been approved.
Please enjoy your tour!

Welcome to New Eridu!
Shhh… For those citizens who want a little “excitement”, try listening to this.
Recruitment for the Zenless Zone Zero Tuning Test is open! Sign up on the following page and fill in the survey for a chance to qualify for the Tuning Test and be one of the first Proxies to take on this test commission!

Tuning Test Recruitment: https://hoyo.link/f3dxYCA6