One Punch Man: World launches on Jan. 31st as Crunchyroll details hardware requirements

One Punch Man is a manga from creator ONE that subverts Shonen tropes in presenting a main character who is all powerful from the beginning. Saitama might’ve worked hard to attain his godlike strength, but this was all long before the readers gazed at the first panel. The franchise would garner a large fanbase around the world and saw it licensed for various video games. The latest one will be coming from a developer who cut their teeth in the free-to-play open world action role-playing game field. Perfect World, the developer of Tower of Fantasy, worked in conjunction with Crunchyroll Games as they set their sights on the universe of One Punch Man with One Punch Man: World.

Having tried the title at last year’s San Diego Comic Con and again in the game’s closed Beta, I was looking to get back into the bespoke world that the team at Perfect World had crafted. Like most games featuring One Punch Man, you don’t necessarily get to play as the man himself, but rather the motley group of characters who are registered as heroes in this wild and crazy world.

Players will be able to experience One Punch Man: World when the title officially launches on January 31st at 8pm EST/5pm PST (preloading begins at 3pm EST/12pm PST). The publisher also revealed hardware specifications as well as announcing users who utilize a Crunchyroll login will garner additional rewards. So make sure you’ve got a suitable mobile device and a comparable computer as you can traverse the various lettered cities one the go or at home with the game supporting crossplay across all supported hardware. I’m certainly looking to explore the various members of the Hero Association from the lowly C Rankers to the few but mighty S Rank heroes.

One Punch Man: World will launch globally on January 31st on PC, Android and iOS.