RIG Headsets are getting discounts at Best Buy this Black Friday

We’ve looked at the RIG 600 Pro HX a while back and Benny dropped a RIG 900 Max HX as a recommendation in our Holiday Gift Guide, so suffice to say Gaming Age is pretty pro-RIG. Well as news would have it if you want to pick up a set for your gaming use, Best Buy will be the place to go to get discounts on their headsets.

Starting today and lasting ’til November 27th, both headsets listed above and the 800 PRO HX will be getting various discounts listed below at Best Buy.

These headsets are easy to set up on multiple devices, completely customizable via a mobile app and fits comfortably on heads of any size with its simple to adjust snap fit system. I’ll certainly say without reservation that the 600 Pro HX has become my de facto headset of choice whenever I’m gaming or just going about town. So take advantage of these savings before they’re gone!