NACON RIG 600 Pro HX Wireless Gaming Headset review

Platform: Game consoles, Mobile devices, PC
Brand: NACON
Medium: Hardware

Whether you’re taking on a two phase boss that has been slaying you endlessly, staying one step ahead of the ever encroaching circle aiming to score that elusive Victory Royale, or trying to earn that platinum rank in the Battle Hub, nothing throws you out of your rhythm than having to take your headphones off to answer the incessantly chirping phone call from a loved one. Yes the conversation will probably be inane, but if you don’t answer, you’re likely to get chewed out for ignoring the call. Am I projecting here? Perhaps, but thanks to the NACON RIG 600 Pro HX Dual Wireless Gaming Headset, you can keep your hands on your controller while deciding what you want for dinner.

Boosting a dual channel mode that allows you to connect to a PC/tablet/console via a USB-C dongle and another device (preferably a phone) via Bluetooth, which isn’t something I’ve seen on headsets. Is it an earth shattering feature that can change the lives of gamers everywhere? Probably not, I mean the scenario I detailed in the opening chapter can happen, but in reality it’s not happening as much as you think. I guess being easily connected to two devices is nice especially if you don’t have to re-do the connection process, but unless you’re some sort of social butterfly I doubt having the dual channel mode will enhance your life too greatly.

That said, the usage of the dual channel mode is pretty straight forward. Attach the included USB-C dongle to the gaming device to have the headset transmit via 2.4Ghz frequency, connect your phone via bluetooth. When you receive a call, make sure the retractable mic has been extended and answering the call is as easy as hitting the multifunction button that is situated above the volume scroll wheel.

Audio quality is crisp and perhaps this is my constant usage of the provided earbuds that came with my iPhone, but using the RIG 600 Pro HX is the first time I’ve noticed stereo audio from YouTube videos. From the various test conversations I’ve had using the headset’s built in mic, I was informed that my audio is clear and colleagues didn’t have to ask me to speak up.

I also appreciate the material that is used on the cups and on the band. Rather than using faux leather, it’s a mesh type fabric that is supposed to allow for long term wear. Unlike the faux leather used in other headsets, this fabric won’t flake and leave a mess, which is a plus. One thing that took a little getting accustomed to is the way you adjust the headset. Rather than a sliding/telescoping band, this unit (and seemingly all NACON headsets) utilize a snap fit guide. The first couple days of ownership had me instinctively trying to slide the band to adjust the fit, but in the end the large ear cup position suited my needs.

In terms of tactile options, the headset is rather spartan with options. A mode button, the strangely named “multifunction” button (whose only function seemingly is to answer phone calls), a volume scroll wheel and of course a power button. This is probably what I’m most comfortable with, but I wished the mode button was actually a toggle switch. Sometimes pressing the mode button wouldn’t actually switch the mode, which resulted in me mashing the button in hopes of a response, whereas a toggle switch wouldn’t have such ambiguity. The volume scroll wheel doesn’t feature a hard stop, so you can min/max out the volume (the headset will audibly chime when you reach the minimize/maximize audio) and continue to spin the wheel…it just seems like under rougher use, you can wear out the wheel faster simply because you can continue to spin the wheel.

While I feel this is a quality product, I have to note one glaring oversight. The USB-C port is purely a charging port and it doesn’t transmit data, which means if you wanted to utilize this headset in a wired manner, you won’t be able to. While the headset is rated to have a 24 hrs battery life in Bluetooth mode and 18 hrs in USB-C mode, there will be situations where you could have the headset run out of battery and you’ll have to wait ’til you get a semblance of charge before you can continue using it.

At a $99.90 MSRP, the NACON RIG 600 Pro HX is an affordable and quality headset that is perfect for the gamers in your life. If you’re new to NACON headsets, there will probably be a slight adjustment period when compared to other headsets in the market, but once you’ve gotten accustomed to it, you’ll rarely want to take them off!

Note: NACON provided us with a RIG 600 Pro HX for review purposes.