Gaming Age Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Can you believe we are already heading into 2023 Holidays? Sure, it feels like it was Summer not so long ago… but now it’s that time of year where we shop for family and friends and many times have no clue what to buy some of them.

The good news is — the Gaming Age team is here to help with some great Holiday Gifts for all kinds of gamers, collectors, tech lovers and overall kids at heart. You may even find something you want that you can tell someone to pick up for you!

Read on for our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.


For Comic/Wrestling Fans: Do A Powerbomb! TPB by Daniel Warren Johnson — $20.99

Growing up as a comic fan in the late 80’s and 90’s, I was fortunate enough to live in a time when some of the hottest and most recognizable names in comic books were just hitting their stride. Guys like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and more were really starting to revolutionize the industry at the time, and cracking open a new issue of Spider-Man or X-Men was a gateway to some incredible visuals and storytelling that triggered a life long obsession for this comic fan. Of course, we’ve had a number of hot artists and creators come and go since then, but I’d argue few have left as huge an impression on me as Daniel Warren Johnson.

Every new book that he does ends up being better than the last, and he’s one of the most dynamic, energetic comic book artists to ever pick up the pencil. That’s never been more evident than in his recently completed created owned book Do a Powerbomb!, published via Image Comics, and available now in trade paperback format. It also helps that it’s a love letter to the world of professional wrestling, another love of mine, and I don’t think the world of wrasslin’ has ever been better presented in comic book form than it is in Do a Powerbomb! If you’ve got a comic fan, wrestling fan, or both in the family, then Do a Powerbomb! will be a sure-fire hit this holiday season.

For Pinball Players with Deep Pockets: Venom and Foo Fighters from Stern Pinball — $6,999

While maybe a bit out of my price range, but certainly a grail item of sorts down the line, Stern’s newest releases might be worth considering if you’re in the market for a brand-spanking new pinball experience. When it was announced earlier this year, I sort of scoffed at the idea of a Venom branded pinball machine. I like the character well enough, but didn’t think that it’d make a great pinball theme. Having now seen and watched numerous playthroughs of the table, I’m happy to say that I was definitely wrong. The table looks incredibly fun to play, featuring just about every symbiote wearer that’s ever existed, with fun call outs, lots of little bells and whistles, and a learning curve that doesn’t look out of reach for budding pinball enthusiasts.

Likewise, Foo Fighters looks like an absolute blast to play, with a great soundtrack and theme to go along with some unique table mechanics and goals, helping set this one apart from other musically themed pinball releases we’ve seen recently. Thinking about becoming your own Pinball Wizard? Then check out Stern’s official list of dealers and distributors here: Just know that I’ll be insanely jealous of you from here on out for picking one up.



For Mobile Gamers: Riot PWR Cloud Gaming Controller — $32

Here is an inexpensive way to Cloud game on your Xbox or even with iOS-specific games. This light but durable controller has a mount you can attach your phone to or use the included cables and even hook it up to your iPad. With the latest iPhones and iPads, you can play next-gen games like Resident Evil Village on the go with a solid controller.

To Protect Your Gamer Eyes: Gunnar Optiks – Enigma, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition Blue Light Glasses — $79.99

As someone who stares at screens for a living, I’ve found myself trying various Blue Light glasses, but most were cheaply made and would crack near the middle, or the sides would dig into my temple.

These are flexible, lightweight, and themed for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. What’s not to love?

For Chatty Xbox Players: RIG MAX HX Xbox Headset with Bluetooth and Base Station — $249.99

Looking for a Wireless Headset for your Xbox with all the bells and whistles including 3D audio, base station, mobile phone customization, and one of the best on the market? This is a solid headset, that feels light considering the size.

The Lightweight headband is flexible and durable. This is an immersive headset and would be great for games like Starfield.

For Those Seeking Organization: CORDBRICK — $12.99

CORDBRICK is a great tech stocking stuffer. Everyone has a mobile device, digital watch, or something with a charging cord. Now there is a way to keep the cables from falling on the floor in a simple little weight block.

It allows you to manage several cords at once and has numerous holes or channels for your cables, and even holds your phone up with the built-in steel weight inside.

For Collectors/FNAF Fans: Funko Five Nights at Freddy’s FIGHTLINE Card Game — $34.99

With Five Nights at Freddy’s breaking records in the box office, many fans would love some FNAF merch for the holiday season. This is a new card game for ages 6 + and includes blind character packs you can purchase for $4.99 with the starter kit coming with 4 characters.

There are 18 in total. Will you collect them all?



For Controlling Switch Players: Nintendo Switch Rematch Controllers by PDP — $27.99 – $47.99

I’m sure this holiday season you might be playing some local multiplayer games thanks to SEGA and Nintendo with Sonic Superstars and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Rather than paying up to $80 to ensure you can enjoy the 4 player mayhem, perhaps go a different route where it won’t be as cost prohibitive and where the controllers won’t be as prone to being flung around the room.

PDP’s Nintendo Switch Rematch Controllers which starts at $27.99 for wired models and $47.99 for the wireless models. They do a fine job of mirroring the Pro Controller feel, but these rematch controllers come with features not found in Nintendo’s hardware. Proprietary D-pad audio controls, customizable back paddle buttons which are perfect for younger players whose smaller hands don’t have quite the reach and a plethora of colors and designs which features characters from beloved franchises such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda. For those who want a little more “WOW” with their purchase, opt for the GLOW models which features graphics which Glow in the Dark after some exposure to light!

For Board Gamers: Monopoly Giant Edition by Spin Master Games — $29.99

Bigger is better right? If you subscribe to that axiom, Spin Master Games in conjunction with Hasbro has brought you the classic game of real estate acquisition in its largest state! Monopoly Giant Edition is going to have a tough time fitting on tables, but what it lacks in compactness, it makes up for in brevity. With a modified board and simplified rules, games won’t go so long that apathy sets in and people start walking away. The large tokens will definitely evoke a reaction to whoever will see them (Although Thimble fans will be disappointed as it’s not in this lineup). Games will average around 30 minutes so you take a breather to being loving and jolly this holiday and just be a little bit more cutthroat!

For Minecrafter Collectors: Minecraft Torch Illuminating Collector Replica by The Noble Collection — $39.99

It’s always cool to have something from a video game enter the real world. So when The Noble Collection decided to take a foray into the world of gaming collectibles, they managed to pick one of the most globally recognized franchises to do it with. Minecraft, an open world building title which has inspired players young and old have sold over 300 million (the only title the game is trailing is Tetris which has sold over 500 million in it’s lifespan). So it won’t be hard to find someone in your life that has known the frustration of being blown up by a roaming creeper.

While I think all of The Noble Collection’s Minecraft are pretty neat, the one which I would recommend (even over the Diamond Sword) is in fact the most functional of their pieces, the humble Torch. A guiding light in darkness, this rectangular beacon of light can be held or mounted to a wall. Add an air of intimidation to any door by mounting a pair of these torches besides it. While other replica Minecraft torches exist, or keep the baddies away as a huggable night light! The Noble Collection’s iteration features textures which mirror the materials the item is based on so the body has both bark pixels and exposed bits featuring wood grain texture. So this item is perfect for young fans or older ones looking for an affordable but quality collectible.


Chris D.

For Retro Game Console Fans: Atari Game Station Pro — $99.99

The Atari Game Station Pro is a pre-Loaded Game System with about 190 games available for you to play out of the box. It contains licensed classics for the Atari 2600 / 5200 and the 7800. Plus Atari Arcade Games like Centipede and Major Havoc. As an added bonus, you can also play games from Piko Interactive for the Sega Genesis and the Original NES.

There is also an SD card slot in the back for adding you own games if you wish. At only $100.00, this is a great gift for the gamer who needs more ways to play their games through HDMI, or for the younger gamer that’s just starting out.


Paul R.

For LEGO x MARVEL Builders: LEGO Avengers Tower — $499.99

LEGO had me out a few weeks ago to show off the latest and LARGEST Marvel set ever, The Avengers Tower! Launching on Black Friday, November 24th for $499.99 this set is beyond impressive. Including over 5000 pieces and 31 minifigures spanning across the MCU, even including for the first time ever, its architect; Kevin Feige.

This set is a must own for LEGO and MCU fans… if you have the space for it. At nearly 3 feet tall it will fit in beautifully with some of the other Marvel NYC sets such as the Daily Bugle and the Sanctum Sanctorum. The level of detail is a sight to behold in person and includes different scenes on each of the floors of the building (that’s America’s Ass!). If you’d like to see a quick video with some extra details be sure to check out a YouTube show Benny and I do; The Toy Closet.

For Comic Fans Looking for Something Different: Good Comics for Bad People — $14.99

If you’re overly sensitive or politically correct, this is not the recommendation for you. If you enjoy slightly F’ed up humor and don’t take things too seriously, stick with me. Good Comics for Bad People is a collection of quick one-page bits/jokes.

They can be very hit and miss but the ones that hit I found to be hysterical and shared with my wife and friends. This is a perfect collection for a quick read on the pooper or as a gift to your favorite a-hole. (Available digitally or hardcover)



For Anyone Who Wants to Play All the Games, Everywhere They Go, at Any Time:
ASUS ROG Ally — $879.99

In case you couldn’t tell from my review, I’m a huge fan of ASUS’ entry into the increasingly competitive gaming handheld market. And why not? The Ally packs more power than the Steam Deck while being a little smaller and a lot more ergonomic. Plus the Ally being Windows-based means you can easily access PC Game Pass, the Epic Launcher, GOG and more — including, of course, Steam, giving you the best of all worlds (and game sales).

The ROG Ally may have launched with a few issues, but now that they’ve been ironed out, it’s the perfect time to jump in.

For Gamers Who Want to Relive the ’80s and ’90s Without Breaking the Bank:
Anbernic RG35XX — $75.99

The world of emulation handhelds is…let’s say, legally murky, at best. It’s also one where the quality control varies wildly, with even the highest-end devices (which in some cases are more than a Steam Deck and an ROG Ally put together) sometimes having major issues. The awkwardly-named RG35XX initially shipped with its share of issues, but a year after its release — with some heavy lifting by a developer known as BlackSeraph — it’s become a must-own device for anyone who wants to play 8- and 16-bit classics on a device that feels like a Game Boy (minus the constant drain of AA batteries, thankfully). Just follow the easy instructions offered by the indispensable Retro Games Corps, and the RG35XX will let you game to your heart’s content like it’s 1993 all over again.

Anbernic just announced the RG35XX Plus will be released in the coming weeks. They haven’t officially announced the price as of this writing, but it’ll have a slightly more powerful chip and Wi-Fi, so if you want the same form factor but with some PSP and the addition of things like RetroAchievements, it’s also worth a look!)



For Magic: The Gathering/Lord of the Rings fans and Players:
Magic: The Gathering – The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth holiday package — Assorted Prices

Journey to a whole new Middle-earth in Magic: The Gathering – The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth holiday package! Magic: The Gathering has been around since 1993, but is always finding new ways to find new audiences and bring new generations into the world of Magic. In June of 2023, almost exactly 30 years after it first started, Magic: The Gathering introduced Tales of Middle-earth, bringing fan-favorite locations, characters, and items into the world of Magic: The Gathering. For the holiday season this year, they are also releasing limited edition holiday packages, which serve as both a solid entry point for players looking to get their hands on these cards and for collectors who wish to display them!

The Holiday Release features four additional Scene Boxes that show off more iconic moments from The Lord of the Rings, Jumpstart, Volume 2, and a Special Edition of Collector Boosters with special alternate art, an alternate “Scroll” card frame, and a new type of foil treatment. The Scene Boxes each contain six borderless scene cards, three-set boosters, six art cards, and a paper display easel. The Holiday Release offers 4 different scenes, Aragorn at Helm’s Deep, Flight of the Witch-king, The Might of Galadriel, and Gandalf in Pelennor Fields. They can all be purchased on Amazon HERE or wherever Magic: The Gathering cards are sold!

For Foldable Mobile Phablet Consumers: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 — $1,800 ($1,299 on sale)

Have you ever wanted a small tablet that you could fold up and slip into your pocket? Well, look no further than the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5! This takes the old “phablet” moniker that the Note line used to receive to a whole new level. With a 7.6-inch inner screen, this phone might not take the place of your tablet at home, but if you want to play games on the go, read a book on the train, or read Manga on the toilet, this is the phone for you! The inner screen also allows you to multitask with multiple windows up at once.

The processor in the Fold 5 also makes this possible, and I did not encounter any overheating issues even with several hours of gaming. The phone is a bit bulky when folded, but after a short initial adjustment period, I do not notice much of a difference between this and my old phone. The Fold 5 works great while folded as well, and while slim, it still functions just fine. This makes the Fold 5 an easy choice for anyone looking for a device to double as both a smaller phone than the Note line, while also managing to be a bigger tablet. The Fold 5 isn’t cheap, coming in at a hefty $1800, but if you are looking to be on the bleeding edge of folding screen technology, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the device for you.



For Wanna be Pirate Tabletop gamers: Pirate Tails — $14.99

 Game Nights usually involve multiple games, so for every long title you play such as Viticulture, Marco Polo, Everdell you’ll want something shorter (and I’m not too fond of this phrase), “filler” games to round out the evening. It seems my board game group has settled on a lot of nautical/pirate themed titles such as Deep Sea Adventure, Silver & Gold and perennial favorite, Port Royal. So I think this entry from Skybound Tabletop might work as a holiday contribution to the collective pool of games.

Pirate Tails has you taking the role of swashbuckling squirrel who needs to bury their nutty booty. Hide your nuts and seeds, but make sure you come back for it later less another privateer swoops in and plunder your treasure! It’s a game that requires strategy and a good memory. Scaleable from 2 to 5 players, its short play time of roughly 15-30 minutes will ensure you can pack more games during your game nights this holiday season or just year round!

For Stylish Comic/Animated Series Cape Fans: Invincible Pinfinity Pin Set w/ Lanyard — $39.99

Who doesn’t need flair? Whether you need to show your fandom at school, have some space to fill in your Ita bag or maybe you want to rep your favorite animated show when you’re working at your neighborhood eatery, this Pinfinity Invincible Pin Set w/ Lanyard might be a great stocking stuffer.

These pins look like they were pulled straight from the popular Amazon Prime animated series and if you point the Pinfinity App at the pins you can actually view clips from the show as well as download wallpapers for your phone! Rocking the lanyard included in the set will help reduce clutter in your home as you won’t need to grab lanyards whenever you’re attending conventions or any events where you need to show a badge or a nametag!