Tour the new Grasshopper Manufacture offices in the latest episode of Grasshopper Archives

While I don?t miss a morning commute, there is something I miss about working in an ostentatious modern office. So whenever there?s an opportunity to peer into the workspaces of other people, I?m certainly not going to look away. It?s quite fortuitous that Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer of titles I love such as No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw, Let it Die (before the team split and formed Supertrick Games) uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel Grasshopper Archives a video tour of their newest offices in Tokyo.

Hosted by Grasshopper James, we?re shown the entrance area, some conference rooms and an open area with many a things blurred out to prevent details of future projects from being revealed prematurely. For a company that embodies ?punk rock?, I was surprised how white and sterile the walls were. Yes, they are adorned by immaculate murals depicting works from the company?s past, but the monotone (with the hints of occasional green hues) look was not certainly what I would expect from GhM. My personal highlight of the video was collectible shelves featuring products released related to their titles and stuff that founder Suda51 found cool. Eagle eyed viewers can spot rare collectibles such as the Silvia figurine that was released around the time No More Heroes 2 was released, and a couple spools of the infamous No More Heroes toilet paper that was handed out to people who pre-ordered the title.

With nearly 25 years of existence, it warms my heart that the company continues to thrive while never losing the quirkiness that made it such a cult following. Let?s hope they continue to have greater success and paint many more walls with the works they?ve created that are cherished by millions around the world!

Magical Mystery Yabukiri Studio Office Tour! with Grasshopper James [JP Subtitles]:

Magical Mystery Yabukiri Studio Office Tour! with Grasshopper James [JP Subtitles]

Come with us on now on a journey through time and space to the world of Yabukiri Studio, with your bumbling-ass host, Grasshopper James.
This place has it all: funky chairs, random toys, blurred-out game dev materials, and Walter Sobchak’s non-union equivalent pointing at stuff.