Grasshopper Manufacture is pretty gung ho about their new ownership agreement with NetEase Games

LET IT DIE, the free to play game that has taken thousands of hours of my time is probably dead?the future of this game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Gung Ho Online Entertainment is looking bleak as the former is no longer owned by the latter as Grasshopper Manufacture has joined NetEase games in an agreement signed earlier in the year. In an announcement on their website CEO Goichi Suda expounded on why this agreement made sense and looks forward to the fruits of this arrangement.

Fresh off the release of No More Heroes 3, Suda has been on a bit of a media blitz where he would map out the next ten years of his company. These plans included 3 new IPs with characters that are owned by Grasshopper Manufacture, a possible rerelease or revival of Shadows of the Damned, now that the property has been reclaimed from EA. It seems joining NetEase was only part of his plans for the next decade. Suda would end his portion of the statement directing readers to a recruitment site if they feel they want to join the company in their next journey.

NetEase Games on the surface looks like an odd choice, given most of the titles that have come out from them are mostly mobile games, however under the surface the companies have investments and partnerships that would indicate a different path. Partnerships with Blizzard Entertainment, Marvel and minority stakes in Destiny developer Bungie, in addition rumors that they will be the next employer of ex-RGG studio director Toshihiro Nagoshi, it seems NetEase is looking to remove the shackles of mobile development and enter the console fray. It will be interesting to see what will come of this arrangement, hopefully NetEase Games will let the eclectic developer do what they do best…making games the way they want to.