On April 18th, 2023 you can vie to be the champion of the God of Rock

God of Rock?s notion that it?s mixing rhythm and fighting game play mechanics isn?t exactly new (sup Slap Happy Rhythm Busters!). However in a new overview trailer released by Modus Games, seeing the title in action made it click. Hitting the notes on the highway will allow you to attack your opponent, if both players are hitting notes properly no damage will be dealt. However as the song intensifies and players begin to crack the sloppier player will take damage. Like a fighting game each player has their own unique moveset and can use their special moves to bolster themselves or hinder their opponent from hitting notes. Each character supposedly falls into fighting game archetypes such as grapplers, rekka and charge characters.

It will be interesting to see how players can manage face button presses along with the directional inputs of the special moves (let?s hope unique controller setups are supported such as controller + Dance Pad).

If you?re in the Orlando area this weekend, the title will be present and playable at Holiday Matsuri. I guess someone please report back on how well the title plays. Otherwise you attempt to be the champion of the God of Rock when the title releases on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on April 18th, 2023.

God of Rock screens:

God of Rock – Gameplay Overview Trailer:

God of Rock - Gameplay Overview Trailer

In this overview trailer, we go over the details of musical combat for God of Rock. Learn about the game’s core mechanics and how some of the characters use their abilities to prepare you for this upcoming competitive game.

God of Rock pushes players to their limit, forcing them to fight in tune to a song decided by the characters and stage selected. Keep up with the jams or you won?t last in this duel amongst the most excellent musicians in the universe. Are you ready for a musical battle that will resonate through the ages?

God of Rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, unleashing a stacked setlist of energetic tracks that players will need to master to perform devastating combos in musical matches against other fighters.