Grasshopper Manufacture to debut a new Twitch show this Friday, Nov 4th

Suichi “Suda51” Goda has amassed quite the cult following since founding Grasshopper Manufacture in 1998. With over two decades of work, we still don?t know too much about the quirky studio responsible for titles like Killer7, No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. This changed in mid-September of this year, when the company rebranded its YouTube channel to The Grasshopper Archives and pivoted the channel?s focus on the company?s history as well as its employees.

This morning (Yesterday evening local time for the company) via Twitter we found out that new programming will be coming to the YouTube channel via Community Manager James Mountain and Community Deputy Maddie will be hosting a new show on the live streaming platform dubbed JamesHopper MaddieFacture, a portmanteau of the hosts names and the company name. The show hopes to further the cause of the Youtube channel by giving fans both new and old alike a deeper look into works and culture of the cult developer. The first edition of the program will delve into Shadow of the Damned, an IP which recently reverted to the company?s hands. James and Maddie will take on Elliot Thomas, the avian-like boss who stands in the way of protagonist Garcia Hotspur?s quest to recover his beloved, Paula. What details will we learn about the game and this lieutenant of Flemming? Most importantly will the duo take down this SOB in the allotted time?!? Find out on the Grasshopper Manufacture?s Twitch Channel on November 4th (Time TBA)