Pocky & Rocky Reshrined physically available through Strictly Limited Games soon

It?s been a while since we?ve seen the duo of Pocky and Rocky and while the world has changed drastically since they?ve last appeared it seems they haven?t changed at all. Pocky and Rocky Reshrined set for a 2022 release will bring the titular pair and some of their friends back onto the Nintendo Switch and PS4. Developed by NatsumeAtari (the studio behind the original titles in the series) Reshrined looks to reintroduce the world to the pair with minimal changes in design. Sporting a 16 bit look, but featuring some modern features such as an online leaderboard it will surely be a treat for someone looking for a light shooter.

The game?s publisher ININ games also revealed premium editions of the title for the European and American regions will be available through Strictly Limited Games. Contents of the Limited and Collector?s Editions will come at a later point.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined – Official Trailer:

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined - Official Trailer

ININ Games together with Natsume, under license by TAITO are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the beloved video game series? brand-new title. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined for Nintendo Switch and PS4 is coming to Europe and North America and is already available for pre-order! Furthermore, collectors can look forward to a Limited and Collector?s Edition coming through the Strictly Limited Games Partner Store – more to be revealed soon.

The colorful Shoot ?Em Up series returns!
In the legendary adventures of Pocky and Rocky – also known to some by the original Japanese name Kiki Kaikai – the player controls the young shrine maiden Pocky and her raccoon companion, Rocky, on their adventures. The shooting game series, with roots going back to the original Taito-released ?80s arcade game, has delighted many generations of gamers. Now, the brand-new Pocky & Rocky Reshrined developed under license from TAITO Corporation, finally brings the iconic duo back!

While Natsume brings the brand-new Pocky & Rocky adventure to North America, ININ Games follows, now starting pre-orders of the boxed edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4 at retailers in Europe!