Lost arcade title Cannon Dancer slated for a home release in 2023

If you?re a fan of retro gaming or retro style gaming, publisher ININ Games really needs to be someone who is on your radar. The German publisher was responsible for keeping many retro IPs alive in the 21st century with releases of Bubble Bobble, Cotton, Wonder Boy, Pocky & Rocky and The Ninja Warriors. Today they announced that they will be bringing a ?lost? arcade title to the Tokyo Game Show and onto consoles in 2023.

Cannon Dancer (aka Osman) as a title released by Mitchell Corp, designed by the man responsible for Strider, Kouichi Yotsui will finally get a home port thanks to ININ Games. The port will feature a new translation, modern features such as save states and gameplay rewind. Save the world from the sorceress ?Abdullah the Slaver? as the Cannon Dancer known as Kirin in this globe trotting adventure.

Cannon Dancer screens:

The title will be part of ININ?s Tokyo Game Show lineup and attendees can meet not just Kouichi Yotsui, the designer behind the game, but Takashi Kogure an artist who worked on the original Cannon Dancer and has agreed to work on the modern port. This meet and greet will happen on September 17th at the ININ booth in Hall 2 D6, for the most up to date details follow ININ?s Twitter account.

The release won?t be limited to digital platforms, as ININ will be working with Strictly Limited Games to put out a physical version of Cannon Dancer. A regular and a limited edition will be available. The regular edition will include the game and a manual, the limited edition will feature a slew of extras including OST, Artbook, Calendar, Flyers, Posters and More. Pre-orders for the physical edition will begin at Strictly Limited Games? website on September 18th, 6:00am EST/3:00am PST.

Cannon Dancer will be released in Q1 2023 on the Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Cannon Dancer – Announcement Trailer:

Cannon Dancer - Announcement Trailer

Cannon Dancer is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox for the first time ever, with a planned release in Q1 2023.

After being released during the 90s fighting-game hype Cannon Dancer, also known as ?Osman? in the US, slowly began to fade out of arcades due to the small number of units. Over the years, the title became a video game legend, with fans around the globe interested in getting their hands on it. Almost 30 years later, ININ Games has teamed up with two key members of the original development team to finally bring the game to modern home consoles: the game designer Kouichi Yotsui (also known as “Isuke” and famous for his work on ?Strider?) and the artist Takashi Kogure (better known as ?Utata Kiyoshi?).