Discord direct voice chat for PS5, Profile Share features are rolling out

With gamers relying on Discord more and more for their cross-platform gaming communication solution, it’s great to see enhanced support for the service still rolling out on major gaming platforms.  In this case the PS5.

While Discord has been made available on the PS5 previously via a paired mobile device or PC, there was no direct voice chat ability from the console itself. Well that deficiency ends soon, since the new Direct chat feature will bundled in with the latest PS5 system software, which is rolling out right now.

Additionally, the mobile app and PS5 will gain a PlayStation Profile Share feature next week to allow players to more easily link friends/enemies and family members directly to your profile via socials and messaging platforms.

See some screens of both features and the details below and at the official PS Blog.

In recent years, we’ve partnered with Discord to introduce more ways for players to connect with their friends and communities across Discord and the PS5 console. Since we first introduced Discord voice chat on PS5, players have joined a Discord voice chat on PS5 more than 290 million times to hang out with friends in Discord voice channels while gaming.

Today, we’re pleased to share that we’re starting to roll out the ability for PS5 players to join Discord voice chat directly from the PS5 console, without relying on the Discord PC or mobile apps to initiate the connection.

How to join Discord voice chat on PS5
To start, select the Discord tab in Game Base within the PS5 Control Center and choose the Discord server or DM group you’d like to join. Then, select your preferred voice channel. This will reveal more details, such as who is already in the channel chatting. You’ll also receive a PS5 console notification when another Discord user calls you, allowing you to join right away.

This update will make it easier than ever to quickly hop into Discord conversations with other gamers. It will gradually roll out over the coming weeks, starting with players in Japan/Asia, followed by Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the Middle East, and finally the Americas.

Please note that you will need to update your console to the latest system software, and your accounts for PlayStation Network and Discord must be linked. If you haven’t yet linked accounts, you can learn how to do so here.

Profile Share also begins rolling out next week
Starting next week, we’re also rolling out the ability for you to share your PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social app. To begin, select “Share Profile” from PlayStation App or the PS5 console to generate a shareable link or QR code. When the recipient opens the link, they’ll have the option to add you as a friend once they’re signed in to PlayStation Network:

We’re passionate about making it as easy as possible for you to find and connect with new friends and communities, whether you enjoy playing with other friends on PS5 or hopping into crossplay games. Thank you for your ongoing support.