Adam Warlock and Venom revealed as playable characters in Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals from NetEase Games is really a feast for the eyes. As bombastic and anime as heck redesigns of your favorite Marvel heroes team up in 6 person teams to fight for supremacy in a new timeline created due to the machinations of the duo of Dr. Doom and Dr. Doom 2099.

The game has had alpha recently and at yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play, the game revealed that it will be playable on the PlayStation 5 (…and Xbox Series X|S) and joining the roster is everyone’s favorite symbiote venom and him…I mean Adam Warlock. The action in the trailer also takes place in a new stage dubbed Tokyo 2099: Spiders-Islands. Futuristic-Japanese inspired buildings are blown apart in these scuffles between heroes and villains. Players can get in on the action as the game will be launching a closed beta on consoles this July.

For those who are wondering where you want to check out the beta, PlayStation users will score a Scarlet Spider costume for their troubles (Xbox has not revealed if playing on their platform will net an exclusive costume).

Marvel Rivals will be free to play when it launches although no timeframe has been revealed. If you want to register your interest in the upcoming beta, you can visit the game’s site to sign up.

Marvel Rivals | Console Announce Trailer

Marvel Rivals | Console Announce Trailer

Marvel Rivals art: