Zet Zillions makes me want to fire all sorts of things at planetary objects

Firing the contents of your ship into a planet to cause them to explode spectacularly doesn’t really need streamers providing commentary to sell, but that’s what publisher Raw Fury and developer OTA IMON Studios opted to do when they revealed the game’s release date at The MIX’s Kickoff Showcase today.

Fly through a procedurally generated galaxy in your ship named Baby Violence and fire things at planetoids till they explode. Collect and build decks to cause maximum damage. Make sure to select cards that can combine to either bolster its effect or make it worthless…the fun thing is you won’t know ’til you try…right?

If you’re intrigued by the sharp art and have the need to destroy it, why not check out the game’s demo when it goes live on March 25th during Steam’s Deckbuilder Fest (They’re really just having fests for everything and anything…aren’t they). I know I’ll be putting it on my steam deck after the dust has settled with PAX East.

Zet Zillions will leave a trail of destruction when it debuts on PC on May 23rd. Hopefully future trailers will not include streamers I’ve never heard of (I’m sure they’re all lovely people with large audiences and I’m not jealous I’ve gotten any traction…ok enough self loathing, end the news post already).

Zet Zillions | Date Reveal Trailer – Coming to Steam on May 23rd!

Zet Zillions | Date Reveal Trailer - Coming to Steam on May 23rd!

Zet Zillions screens/art:

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