Hangry announced at Kinda Funny x The MIX Spring Games Showcase

If the denizens of Hangry can just go to the local farmers’ market, supermarket or even order from Fresh Direct I guess the game wouldn’t be that interesting. Thankfully, the world of Hangry which was announced at today’s Kinda Funny x The MIX Spring Game Showcase features a universe where grabbing produce requires you to go to exotic worlds and to take down hulking beasts. This game gives me heavy Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath vibes.

Hangry, the titular character is a bounty hunter who has to corral the ingredients that get cooked and served up to customers. As the palates get more sophisticated and subsequently more dangerous, Hangry can also scarf down meals and evolve, giving himself new powers to take on these stronger and dangerous prey!

If you’re attending GDC, you can get a first taste of this Action RPG at the Canada Booth, situated at the conference’s show floor in the North Hall. Hangry’s Steam Store Page is currently up, so make sure you add it to your wishlist if you want to keep up to date on this mouthwatering title.

Hangry Announcement Trailer

HANGRY Announcement Trailer

Hangry screens: