Earth Defense Force 6 deployment delayed until Summer 2024

Dear Reader.

We just recently received a dispatch from the fine folks at the Earth Defense Force and they wanted to relay the following news. While they originally targeted a Spring of 2024 release date for the latest chapter of the EDF Saga, it seems the team at SANDLOT and D3PUBLISHER decided it would be prudent to spend a little bit more time on development to ensure you get the most enjoyable alien blasting, bug crushing experience.

Delays suck, but given that Earth Defense Force 6 will be the title to help the franchise celebrate its 20th anniversary, it does make sense that the development team wanted to make sure they put their best foot forward. If this delay makes the title slightly better then I’m all for it. Just prime yourself for a lot of humanity defending this Summer! It’s us or them, people! US OR THEM!