Nitro Deck maker CRKD reveals new collectible wireless controller

CRKD (pronounced “Cracked”) took the world by storm last year with their Nitro Deck system which made playing your Nintendo Switch on the go a slightly more affordable affair. Now the company has revealed a new product which will let your friends get in on the action, a wireless controller called the NEO S.

A classic video game controller with a formfactor inspired by the modern phone formactor, the NEO S will give you wireless play with hardy internals to ensure it can be used for an indefinite amount of time. The NEO S boasts a rich compatibility and can be used on the Switch, PC, Smart Phones and even Smart TVs which support Bluetooth controllers.

CRKD also opted to paint outside of the lines, by introducing controllers whose faces are imbued with unique designs to make them stand out in your home, even teaming up with gaming hardware artist POPeArt on several designs. The controllers also have a collectibility factor as they can be synced with the company’s CRKD True Collection System App to reveal its print run, your model’s place with it in and customize the controller itself.

The line will start with 9 designs (Don’t sleep on the “Retro Gold”, although why I have nostalgia for a controller I didn’t use as a child is beyond me…) and knowing the company’s reputation, branded designs should definitely be on the horizon (Persona anyone?). Pre-orders are available on the company’s site and controllers will begin shipping in April 2024.

NEO S Product Shots:

NEO S Announcement Trailer | CRKD:

NEO S Announcement Trailer | CRKD

NEO S Overview | CRKD:

NEO S Overview | CRKD

NEO S Feature Trailer | CRKD:

Neo S Feature Trailer | CRKD