Who’s Next? You can be, if you pick up DNF Duel for free today on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is always quite generous and they’re even more so during the holidays. So it came as a surprise when at 11am EST the store’s latest free title was revealed and oh boy it’s quite a doozy!

DNF Duel, the Arc System Works developed fighting game based on Nexon’s super popular multiplayer beat ’em up action role-playing game, Dungeon Fighter Online will be free to anyone who downloads the title until 11am EST on December 21st. While the game has been out for a bit over a year, support for the title is still oncoming as the game’s 3rd DLC fighter was released just this past Monday, the spritely Battle Mage. She’ll be joining Spectre, the Brawler and the title’s 16 base fighters as they brawl to become the strongest in Arad.

Despite the game’s lack of crossplay, the game being offered for free today will definitely build up a community of players that will be willing to check the title out. So don’t let that clock run down and grab the title via this link today!

DNF DUEL|Epic Games Store Launch:

DNF DUEL|Epic Games Store Launch