Spectre and DNF Duel’s Season Pass finally arrives!

Most releases nowadays announce their post release plans on day one (some are even bold enough to do so before the game hits players hands), however DNF Duel took a slow approach with their post release updates. Spectre was first revealed in December, nearly 6 months after the base game was revealed. The team went silent until the Arc World Tour finals where we got a firm release period of July 2023. Well players patience has finally paid off and Spectre has finally arrived and she’s brought some game changing updates with her arrival.

A dour figure, she utilizes a device known as the Ghost Fastener to give her ample mobility and the option to strike from all angles. These strikes can come from her nodachi “Obsidian” or her kodachi “White Fang”, so no matter the blade, you’re likely not going to see it coming. These tools will help her strike down those who’ve wronged her in the past.

Along with the arrival of Spectre the game is receiving two new systems. The first is Indomitable Spirit which will be a boon for the more defense players in the player base. The second is select cube which allows players to customize when Awakening can occur, keep it activated at 30% or less health and receive the full impact of the mode or utilize it longer but at a slightly reduced power by having it activate when you are at half health. I’m sure the FGC will be able to justify either option and I’m sure the introduction of Select Cube will bring forth more varied and intense bouts!

DNF Duel’s updates don’t stop here as the game’s season pass will ensure four additional combatants will enter the fray until 2024. The season pass is available now for the game on all the platforms it’s available on for $19.99, but if you would much prefer an a la carte experience, individual fighters will cost $6.99.

After what I saw at the Arc World Tour Finals earlier this year, I’ve definitely found an appreciation for this title which is a collaboration between Arc System Works, Eighting, Neople and Nexon. I’m looking forward to seeing “Who’s Next” and I might even dabble in the title which this fighter spawned from!

DNF Duel is available now on PC, Switch, and the PlayStation platform.

DNF DUEL|Spectre Main Trailer:

DNF DUEL|Spectre Main Trailer