DNF Duel queues up on the Nintendo Switch today!

When Dungeon & Fighter publisher Nexon wanted to expand the reach of their IP, they managed to find the best partner to do so, Arc System Works. The storied studio responsible for Guilty Gear and Blazblue have applied their talents to licensed titles such as Persona 4 Arena, Dragon Ball Fighter, GranBlue Fantasy Versus collaborated with the Korean publisher to produce DNF Duel.

Combining DNF?s dynamic world and Arc?s technically sound fighting system, DNF Duel can stand with heavyweights from Capcom and Namco. Now players can take this game on the go with the Nintendo Switch!

Players of Dungeon Fighter Online will also receive a bonus when they purchase DNF Duel in the form of a code which will grant them the following bonuses in DFO!

  • ?The Lost Warrior Creature? (Select one color from the Selection Box)
  • ?DNF Duel Title?
  • ?DNF Duel Celebration Coin 1EA?
  • ?Life Tokens 10EA?
  • ?Inventory Expansion Ticket 1EA?
  • ?Master Contract Package: 15 Days?
  • ?Neo Premium Contract (Plus): 15 Days?

As announced at this year?s Arc World Tour Finals, the game will be getting its first season pass this summer!
DNF Duel is available for the Switch today and it is also available on PC and PlayStation platforms.

DNF DUEL?Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer:

DNF DUEL|Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

DNF Duel is now available on Nintendo Switch!
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