A sharper and more vivid image is coming as Valve unleashes the Steam Deck OLED

Valve shook up the portable PC gaming field in early 2022 when it unleashed its Steam Deck to the world and plenty of people have been diving into their Steam libraries, taking entire retro console libraries on the go or even installing Windows and treating the machine like a computer. Well with the march of time the inevitable “What’s Next” starts hitting the lips of gamers and today Valve has an answer.

On November 16th, Valve will begin sales of the Steam Deck OLED, mirroring most console manufacturers with a piece of half step hardware that bridges the original release with the next iteration. As the name implies the Steam Deck OLED features a HDR OLED 7.4-inch screen, but it will also come with features such as a longer lasting battery, better Wi-Fi, better handling of heat and it will weigh 5% less than the original model.

The OLED models will come in 512GB and 1TB (there will also be a Limited Edition model with a translucent shell to be sold exclusively in the US and Canada for an additional $30) only meaning you’ll be able to store more games you’ve splurged on during all those Steam sales throughout the course of the year! However for those who have to watch their wallets, you can pick up the remaining stock of the original LCD models at discounted prices. So whether you want the new hotness or old reliable, now’s the time to dip your toe in the Steam Deck ecosystem.

Sales will begin on November 16th at 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT via the Steam app or the Steam Deck website.

Steam Deck OLED product shots:

Steam Deck OLED LE product shots:

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Introducing Steam Deck OLED – November 16:

Introducing Steam Deck OLED - Now Available

Steam Deck OLED arrives November 16th, with a high dynamic range OLED screen, longer-lasting battery, faster downloads, and much more.