Grab the limited Deckmate bundle this Thursday before it goes up in smoke again

Who doesn’t like a translucent casing with electronics? You get to see all the chips and wires that make your thing work, so it was pretty neat when Valve released a Translucent model when they revealed the OLED revision of their portable gaming device. Mechanism (formerly Deckmate) wanted to make sure owners of that translucent device had a matching Deckmate to go along with it so they released a small run of the Deckmate Essentials bundle in “Smokey Translucent”. The bundle included a deckmate grip, a universal grip, kickstand and an Adhesive puck to allow you to mount your device onto any flat surface. Needless to say the 200 units sold out quickly leaving some owners in the dust.

Mechanism heard the pleas of their customers and on March 21st at 10am PST/1pm EST they will be putting out a second run of this set, but doubling the quantity of the first run. That’s right 400 more units, so if you missed it the first time get it now or forever hold your peace. The team at Mechanism declares there will not be a third run. Even if you don’t own a Translucent OLED Steam Deck, nabbing this bundle will get you the new Deckmate grip, dubbed v1.5 which was enhanced to support the company’s recently released phone mount.

So if you missed out the first time, set the Mechanism homepage as a saved tab, make sure you have $42 dollars and may the gods smile in your favor this Thursday!

Smokey Translucent Deckmate Essentials bundle: