You’ve got Animal Crossing in my gritty Yakuza RPG as Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth introduces Dondoko Island

Look, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio can shove anything into a Like a Dragon game and I just smile and enjoy the heck out of it. So at yesterday’s Xbox Partner Preview a new trailer debuted for the upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and it revealed something no one was expecting.

That’s right, if you want to take a break from the serious crime drama, make your way to Dondoko Island to craft your very own tropical getaway! A neglected Island off the coast of Honolulu City, our hero Ichiban somehow comes into possession of this illegal dump site and with his determination, pluckiness and his baseball bat, he’ll clean up the island. As he turns the island around, invite patrons to visit and possibly make some cash that you can use in your main quest.

A game-long mini-game isn’t something foreign for the series, as previous games had you doing things like running a real estate agency, a cabaret club, a gang of vigilantes…so restoring an island and running it as a resort isn’t as odd as you think. I’m sure vigilant gamers will be able to min-max this mode so that they can bring plenty of bonuses and boons back to the main title. My biggest question is will there be any interconnectivity and can I visit someone else’s slice of paradise.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Dondoko Island as we approach Like a Dragon: Infinite Weath’s release date of January 26th 2024. The game will be available on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth screens:

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth | Dondoko Island Reveal Trailer

LIKE A DRAGON: INFINITE WEALTH | Dondoko Island Reveal Trailer