One of the developers of Enders Lilies releases 9th Sentinel Sisters on Steam Early Access

I thoroughly enjoyed Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, so when one of the studios involved in developing the title Live Wire put out a new title on Steam Early Access, I at least had to take a look at the store page.

Set in a world where an ancient meteor unleashed a brood of aliens to devastate humanity. It’s up to one of six clone soldiers (only 3 are available in the early access version of the title.) to get into a mech suit dubbed “Father” to push back the alien hordes and make the planet safe for humanity. The game is primarily a twin stick shooter with roguelike elements, move across the map, acquire and upgrade the weapons that you prefer and blast waves of these ravenous extra terrestrials!

Live Wire might be a small team of 28, but amongst them are alumni from Treasure and Cave, companies which have been known for their shooting game prowess, so we shouldn’t take 9th Sentinel Sisters lightly in terms of gameplay. Priced at $5.99, it wouldn’t be much of a risk to take a chance on a title. 9th Sentinel Sisters is available now on Steam Early Access and I know I’ll be watching to see how this title progresses!

9th Sentinel Sisters Steam Early Access Trailer -EN-

9th Sentinel Sisters Steam Early Access Trailer -EN-

9th Sentinel Sisters screens: