Konami and Genvid Entertainment team up for a new interactive series based on Silent Hill

So my Halloween plans usually involve turning all the lights off in the house to hide from the freeloading kids in my neighborhood. So in this temporary darkness on the spookiest night of the year, I’ll probably pass the time by opening the Silent Hill Ascension App on my iPad and witness an interactive series play out live and provide input on how the series should progress.

Konami, the owner of the Silent Hill Franchise has teamed up with Genvid Entertainment, the progenitor of Massively Interactive Live Events (MILEs) for a one night event debuting an all new tale set in the Silent Hill universe where the viewers will decide the fates of the characters involved. Genvid is no stranger with gaming IPs having produced MILEs with properties such as Borderlands and The Walking Dead. Viewers/Players can interact with the program to earn engagement points which they can leverage to vote on what happens next in the show.

It’s really anyone’s guess as to what familiar characters or monsters can show up in this special event set to debut on October 31st at 9pm ET/6pm PT. It might not quite be a new game in the franchise, but I’m sure Konami will be watching the reception to this event and will probably invest in more Silent Hill related projects if viewership is high enough. So for all you Silent Hill fans that have been lamenting the lack of content from this IP, clear your schedule on Halloween and make sure you tune in to Silent Hill Ascension which will air on the show’s App and on desktop browsers at Ascension.com.