Execute Dimitri Vegas in Hitman World of Assassination

Hitman World of Assassination is a clockwork murder simulator which had been quite the water cooler game when it initially came out in its episodic form in 2016. I know I spent plenty of hours staking out exotic locations like Paris, Dubai, Sapienza and more making the most meticulous plan to take out my mark. These games however introduced a mode which increased the tension and forces you to think on the fly.

Elusive Targets are one off missions which introduce a temporary target which can only be killed once. Fail and you lose your opportunity to take on the mission forever. This mode made the title appointment gaming and had players exchanging strategies and tips as the clock wore down on these opportunities. While targets technically have returned, those who failed are still locked out and these re-runs allowed new players to experience the tension players who have been with the title since the beginning have experienced.

While I dropped off from the title, the announcement made today might have me putting back on my best suit, packing my ICA19 Silverballer and taking on this next job from the ICA. Initially announced during a set from Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike at Tomorrowland 2023 on July 30th, an ominous message from Agent 47 reveals that he has been contracted to assassinate Dimitri Vegas and a reminder that he does not miss! While Vegas in real life will not have to increase his security budget, his in-game counterpart known as “The Drop” might need to do so. As the DJ turned drug lord will be in the sight of the world’s greatest assassin this Fall as an Elusive Target. Details on the location of this mission and the rewards will be coming in the near future.

Will you pop The Drop or will skip this beat? Hitman World of Assassination is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platform.

Agent 47 vs. The Drop (featuring Dimitri Vegas):

Agent 47 vs. The Drop (featuring Dimitri Vegas)

Announcing a brand new Elusive Target for HITMAN World of Assassination featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas. Coming this fall. https://bit.ly/announcing-the-drop