Does a sports game need a prologue? RoboDunk believes so!

Roguelite or Megaman-like? I mean you?re a robot and you can steal the powers of your enemies. Anyways Jollypunch Games? sophomore title RoboDunk looks to scratch that arcade basketball itch. The title will be taking part in the Steam Sports Fest (is it me or is there a steam event every other week?) and will be offering a special prologue which will feature 5 ?robot masters? to take on in the order of your choosing.

The game offers a two on two basketball, weaving around hazards on the court and launch yourself practically into the stratosphere for a sick dunk! If you?re not holding the ball, you can be firing weapons in hopes of getting the rock back. The final product offers endless customization, multiplayer, lore and answers to the philosophical question of why ?DUNK is the true meaning of life.?

RoboDunk Prologue is currently available on Steam and hopefully it will be playable beyond May 22nd which is when the Steam Sports Fest ends. The full title is expected to come out sometime in 2023.

RoboDunk screens:

RoboDunk Prologue Trailer – Roguelite Basketball Combat Robots:

RoboDunk Prologue Trailer - Roguelite Basketball Combat Robots

The ROBODUNK prologue is out now! It’s a roguelite basketball combat game with toy brick robots.
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Can you beat the Robot Masters and steal their skills with your sky-high dunks, satisfying tackles and explosive weapons? An exclusive single player and coop challenge not in the main game, + classic 4 players versus. Is DUNK the meaning of life?