PS VR2’s got launch games… and here’s some of them!

I guess the PlayStation VR 2 came out or something (Editor?s Note: it came out today, and you call yourself a Games Journalist?), because my inbox has been stuffed to the gills with PS VR2 game announcements. While I?m normally on the frontlines of early adoption, I somehow had some sense and adapted a wait and approach with Sony?s newest hardware. Will it be worth the $529.99 price tag? Our EiC Jim and Senior Editor Benny Rose will be providing Gaming Age?s last word on this matter, but before they do here?s a cavalcade of the titles he might be playing when he straps on that shiny new headset and goes into Virtual Reaaaaaaaaaaality!

Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected

Enhance Games is delivering a 1-2 punch to PS VR2 owners with?ahem enhanced versions of their much lauded titles Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect (our announcement article here). It?s a wonder that a title that debuted on SEGA?s last piece of home hardware is still alive and kicking. Rez features the original experience as well as ?Area X?, the native VR experience that was created for the PSVR version of Rez Infinite. 4K/HDR visuals, 3D audio, eye tracking controls are the enhancements awaiting any would-be hacker. Owners of the PSVR1 version won?t be left in the lurch as you can pay a small fee to upgrade and your save data can be ported to this next gen version.

The other punch in Enhance?s PS VR2 charge is Tetris Effect Connected, which is probably the title where I learned of the word ?Synesthesia?. While I preferred the gameplay of Tetris 99 (Yes, there are differences in the way each game played?I?M NOT CRAZY!), Enhance?s dedication to their iteration might make me want to pick up the title again. However the new feature that is exclusive to the PS VR2 is ?the ZONE?, a state you can enter by closing your eyes. You might think, closing your eyes might be detrimental to your gameplay, but entering the ZONE actually freezes time and lets you get a reprieve from the chaos or allow you to collect yourself to plan your next move. Like Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect: Connected takes advantage of the hardware of PS VR2, offers a path to upgrade and transferring your save to this new version.

Rez Infinite – Release Date Trailer | PS5, PS VR2:

Rez Infinite Release Date Trailer | PS5 (Optional PS VR2)

Tetris Effect: Connected – Winter 2023 Update Explainer:

Tetris Effect: Connected Winter 2023 Update Explainer


The word Tentacle usually is associated with the deflowering of anime ladies against their will, but Devolver Digital and Firepunchd?s Tentacular hopes to continue rehabbing these suction cup?d appendages? public image. The PS VR2 version will still have you aiding the citizenry of La Kalma but now with enhancements afforded by the next gen VR hardware. Eye Tracking, Adaptive Triggers, and Enhanced Audio Based Haptics will really make you believe you?re hearing the waves crashing onto the shores.

Tentacular | Out Now on PS VR2!:

Tentacular | Out Now on PS VR2!

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition

This one could’ve been released today (see our release date article here), but had to be pushed back to March 4th because of a higher power?brand synergy! That?s right, just in time for Creed 3?s release in theaters, the remastered version of Creed: Rise to Glory steps into the PS VR2 Ring. The enhancements for the PS VR2 include faster load times, 4K/HDR support, higher field of view, feel every punch with the haptics of the sense controllers and hear your corner man, Rocky Balboa like he?s in the room with 3D audio. I?ll also give game credit since it will offer owners on the PSVR1 a pathway to upgrade to the Championship Edition.

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition | PS VR2 Announcement Teaser Trailer:

Creed: Rise to Glory - Championship Edition | PS VR2 Announcement Teaser Trailer

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded

I stated earlier that I was impressed by the longevity thatRez had, but you can also apply this to the longevity that the film Zombieland has had in the video game space. The movie came out in 2009 and still continues to spawn games a decade and change later. Maybe people really want to control Jesse Eisenberg? Anyways Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded has you breaking Rule 17, because if you didn?t it would probably make this arcade style shooter extremely boring. For those looking for the most fun, the game?s title will give you a clue as to what you need to do.

Slow down time everytime you splatter the brains of the undead with your weapons and it?ll increase your chances of surviving the horde. The game also packs additional content in addition to any PS VR2 enhancements that I?ve probably mentioned in describing all the titles in this write up (I look forward to not writing the words haptics for at least a couple of months). At $24.99 it?s almost at that price point where you can justify a purchase like it?s a movie night.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded – Launch Trailer | PS VR2 Games:

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded - Launch Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Well I?m a couple more steps closer to inbox zero, and hopefully you?ve learned what software you can get for your new headsets that aren?t just video viewing apps. Did I miss any major titles, or am I just not on the right mailing lists (What did we do to be slighted by Polyarc)? While most of these titles are touted as PS VR2 titles, they can be played without the headsets on the PS5, so don?t feel like only the VR players are eating well! Just make sure you?ve got plenty of space and don?t swing too hard!