Dead Island 2’s last episode of Meet the Slayers gives us?BRUNO!

You?ve already met Dani, Amy, Jacob, Carla, Ryan and the last slayer makes himself known in the last episode of Meet the Slayers, the series of videos detailing the playable characters of Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios? upcoming Dead Island 2.

While he might share a namesake with Sasha Baron Cohen?s hyper effeminate fashion model character, the only thing this hustler will be slaying are the undead! This denizen of Hell-A?s innate skills include Backstab and Rapid Reprisal, so he might be an option for players who prefer a more stealthy and defensive approach to staying alive.

Dead Island 2, the long awaited (it was announced nearly 9 years ago at E3 2014) FPS action-RPG is hoping to reward player?s patience when it finally arrives April 21, 2023 for PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Dead Island 2 ? Meet the Slayers: Bruno:

Dead Island 2 – Meet the Slayers: Bruno

Meet Bruno, a smooth-talking, modern day gentleman thief who can play whatever part he’s needed for.
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Dead Island 2 comes out April 21, 2023 launching for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Pre-order here: