WWE 2K23 Superstars ratings revealed in new UpUpDownDown livestream

It?s fascinating to have ratings on something that can change on a day to day basis, it?s even funnier when you?re rating people in an industry where results are pre-determined. However buzz is buzz and today 2K, Visual Concepts teamed up with YouTube channel UpUpDownDown revealed the superstar ratings for the roster included in the upcoming WWE 2K23. For those not in the know, UpUpDownDown is the brainchild of WWE Superstar Xavier Woods where we get a glimpse of the member of the New Day?s other passion, video games. Woods who uses the nom de plume Austin Creed on the channel also has on fellow WWE Superstars show up to explore their gaming proclivities as well check out games current and retro.

It has also become an annual tradition to reveal the Superstar ratings of the entire roster of the annual WWE console games with Creed being the emcee and getting reactions from some of the Superstars. Who will smirk quietly when their high rating is revealed, who will protest their low rating and go full Karen? By the time you read this the livestream should be over and the VOD will be posted. While I am not catching the livestream, there has been some unintentionally hilarious ratings such as the one for the Stern Austrian Ring General Gunther who unfortunately got a high rating of 88, but fans who has a working knowledge of history might raise their eyebrows at this value like the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment (Don?t go down that rabbit hole and just take my word for it, dear reader!).

Will your favorite Superstar be rated to your liking? How high will cover Superstar, John Cena be rated? Or IT DOESN?T MATTER HOW THEY?RE RATED! Whatever your thoughts are on the matter, get ready to step into the digital squared circle when WWE 2K23 is released on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on March 17th, 2023.

WWE 2K23 Roster Ratings Reveal:

WWE 2K23 Roster Ratings Reveal

UpUpDownDown host Austin Creed and a panel including Big E, Tyler Breeze, and Damage CTRL’s Bayley and Dakota Kai unveil the roster ratings in the upcoming #WWE2K23! Kinda Funny and WWE This Is Awesome host Greg Miller is backstage as he lets our Superstars know where they rank ? what will they have to say about their newest game ranks? Stay tuned to the end for a VERY special surprise reveal coming in WWE 2K23!