Games Done Quick founder Mike Uyama steps down after 13 years with the organization

Gaming?s reputation in the public eye can be murky at times, but organizations like Games Done Quick certainty help reinforce that gaming could be a force of good. For its 13 years of existence, this speedrunning organization was founded and operated by Mike Uyama. With its first event hosted at his mother?s basement to its upcoming event that is occurring digitally, Uyama has been there making sure things run smoothly. However after this upcoming GDQ Online 2023, he has opted to hang up his jersey and call it the day. It seems he?s ready for the next chapter of his life.

This leaves Matt Merkle, the organization’s Director of Operations to take over the ownership and Managing Director role. Merkle remarked the following in regards to his ascension.

“I would not be where I am today without Mike and the team he has built. It?s incredible to see how much we?ve grown, transitioning from a group of friends in a basement to a company with over 50 staff members, raising millions of dollars for charity! I look forward to working with the speedrunning community and our staff going forward, and I hope to lead GDQ to new fundraising records!”

Games Done Quick has always seemed like a mainstay on my streaming calendar, and we never did know anything about the people behind the scenes. Personally I?d like to thank Mr. Uyama for his work and his efforts which resulted in over $41 million dollars raised for various charitable organizations. I hope that under Mr. Merkle?s leadership the organization will continue to expand and their fundraising efforts remain robust. Either way I?ll definitely make an effort to tune into Uyama?s last event as the head of Games Done Quick organization when Games Done Quick Online 2023 airs on their Twitch channel from Jan 8th to the 15th.