Flame Fatales is looking to scorch some speed-running records starting this Sunday August 21st

The Summer has begun to heat up now that Games Done Quick?s female-centric speed running event Flame Fatales is on the horizon. Starting on Sunday August 21st and running through Saturday August 27th, the week long event is looking to showcase the women of speed-running on the Games Done Quick Twitch Channel. Par for course for any GDQ event, expect titles which span gaming history, from classics like Contra 3 to more recent titles such as Unpacking.

Much like previously all-female GDQ events, the charity which will benefit from these proceedings will be the Malala Fund. A non-profit founded to provide free, safe and quality education for girls around the world. Last year?s Flame Fatales raised over $125k for the charity, will this year?s festivities blaze through that milestone?

Those interested in planning their viewing of the event can find the schedule linked here. Although every run will be archived on the GDQ YouTube channel. Otherwise stay cool and watch some speed-running.