Digital Dreams Entertainment begins the new year with new details of Mutant Football League 2

The year is young and Digital Dreams Entertainment is rushing out of the gate to show what progress they have made on the next entry in the Mutant Football League series. Despite the fact the staff has been displaced due to the conflict in Ukraine, work on the title which is dubbed Mutant Football League 2 is progressing as the team hopes to hit a late Summer 2023 release date. Lead Designer and creator of the franchise, Michael Mendheim offered up details and screenshots of what the game is expected to include.

Digital Dreams Entertainment opted to focus on player customization in the next entry and they revealed players will not only gain armor, but can accessorize with items such as hats, earrings, tattoos, hair and skin tone options. The team is looking to have a modest amount of options and expand during the course of the title?s lifespan. So will you make the most glam orc or will you give your robotic wide receiver a magnificent mane?

The second feature to be revealed is the revamped dynasty mode, now dubbed Dynasty Supreme (The team has pledged to change the mode name if the fanbase feels indifferent about it). This mode will feature your player working up from a farm league rather than starting off in the MFL. Player feedback about the difficulty of the first iteration?s dynasty mode prompted the change. The minor league will consist of 16 teams, a shorter season and the team that wins in the playoffs will be promoted to the MFL. So this title will feature 48 teams in total and will you stick with the team that brought you to the big leagues or shuffle off to a consummate MFL playoff contender in hopes of scoring a Mayhem Bowl victory?

Much like a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down, the only way I?ll find myself playing a football game is if you add some fantastical element to it. While I pray for the safety of the Digital Dreams Entertainment dev team, I hope that they don?t rush development on this title as we certainly need more quality alternative sports titles out there. For full details of what?s been revealed, feel free to visit the team?s blog to read more!

Mutant Football League 2 screens: