AGDQ 2023 Online crosses the finish line with 2.6 million dollars raised

Time starts in 3…2…1! The annual week-long 24 hour winter speedrunning event came to its conclusion this past weekend, raising over 2.6 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event was broadcasted on Twitch, after plans were scrapped for an in-person event in state of Florida due to state’s recent passage of Anti-LGBT legislation. This event marked the end for AGDQ founder Mike Uyama, who after 13 years is stepping away to take care of his health and to take on new challenges.

Footage of his farewell can be seen in the embedded video below at the 1:05:20 mark.

Super Mario Bros. 3 by mitchflowerpower in 52:54 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2023:

Since 2010, both summer and winter events have raised over 43 Million For multiple charities including: Prevent Cancer Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Direct relief, AbleGamers, Malala fund and Organization For Autism Research.

StepMania by dimo in 1:29:28 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2023:

Over 150 speed runs were performed during the week, featuring speedrunners from all around the world. A few world records were broken during the run:

These and every run of this event can be found on the official GDQ Youtube channel.

Games Done Quick’s next event is an all women’s speedrunning event called Frame Fatales which is set to occur digitally from February 26, through March 4, 2023 and Summer Games Done Quickly returns May 28th and runs through June 4th.