Jackbox Party Pack 9 devient international avec un support linguistique suppl?mentaire et des corrections de bugs

Hoffentlich warst du nicht zu besch?ftigt mit Feiern?ahem, let me write this in something our American-educated readers can understand. Fresh off of its October 20th release, the Jackbox team has been hard at work tweaking their latest bundle of party games, The Jackbox Party Pack 9. As of November 17th, the PC version of the title has gotten an update that includes some new features and bug fixes that should enhance the player experience.

Details of the changes are listed below in the company?s press release and on their blog. People who bought this title on consoles will receive the patch on December 15th?so hang in there! Also announced was additional language support, so partiers who are fluent in French, German, Italian, Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish can enjoy the game in their native tongue. This update will go live for most platforms except for the Switch on December 15th.

The Switch will receive this update sometime in mid-January 2023 (I guess umlauts are harder to code on Nintendo hardware or something). Hey Matthew, which language are you gonna play this in when the additional language support goes live?