Enjoy a more nuanced version of The Oregon Trail when it comes to PC, Switch on Nov. 14th

The game The Oregon Trail for me is synonymous with the word ?nostalgia?. From playing it on the green hued monitor of the Apple II to enjoying it on a iPhone 13 Pro Max on the go, if you?re offering me an opportunity to ford a river, I?ll take it every time! So when a new version of the title arrived on Apple Arcade, it bought my patronage of the service a couple more months.

However it looks like my subscription might be on the chopping block once again as that version of The Oregon Trail will be making its way to the PC and the Nintendo Switch. The Apple Arcade version featured 5 content updates for no extra costs per the service?s ?no paid dlc? policy, the PC and Switch port will have those DLC baked into the title as well.

Gameloft also made sure that the Native American experience was incorporated into this version, while maintaining the gameplay you know and love. Make sure you stock some wagon wheels and axles when The Oregon Trail hits sets the pace on PC and Switch November 14th.

The Oregon Trail screens:

The Oregon Trail – Coming to PC & Nintendo Switch:

The Oregon Trail - Coming to PC & Nintendo Switch

Pack your wagons! The Oregon Trail game is coming to PC and Nintendo soon!

At the end of November, you’ll be able to play the cultural phenomenon on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Store! Add The Oregon Trail to the Wishlist on Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/2013360/The_Oregon_Trail/ and subscribe for news – gameloft.com/game/the-Oregon-trail

Stock your supplies, pick your traveling party, and hit the trail to Oregon!