DLC for The Oregon Trail…and it’s free? Time to ford the river again!

Gameloft and HarperCollins Productions did the unthinkable and remastered the classic edutainment title The Oregon Trail. Originally released on Apple?s premium game service Apple Arcade, it finally escaped exclusively and landed on PC and the Nintendo Switch. This week the game received DLC which was only released on the Apple Arcade Version. The Cowboys and Critters offers a slew of content which will give players an opportunity to travel the Chisholm Trail, a route which drives cattle from Texas to Kansas. The DLC will also feature new stories about the animals that can be found along the trail, both common and possibly mythical.

All this and more (although is there a mode that emulates the Apple II?s visuals?) will be available for free and on the PC and Switch versions of the title.

The Oregon Trail: Cowboys and Critters DLC screens/art:

The Oregon Trail: Cowboys and Critters DLC ? Official Trailer:

The Oregon Trail: Cowboys and Critters DLC – Official Trailer

Attention, pioneers! A brand new Cowboys and Critters DLC for #PC and #Nintendo is out now! Embark on new journeys, cook for real cowboys, and discover the legends of fearsome critters. Don’t miss out on the chance to get it for free until May 8. Start playing #TheOregonTrail today!