Revisit Alabasta in this new gameplay trailer for One Piece Odyssey

Anime/Manga games have a tendency to lean on re-telling the plot of the property they?re based on and usually relying on some kind of contrivance to get away with what ostensibly feels like a clip show. While One Piece Odyssey has the Straw Hat Crew reliving their past due to their presence on the island of Memoria, the newly released gameplay trailer shows that it won?t be a beat for beat retelling.

The RPG based on Eiichiro Oda?s long running manga will give you a chance to play as the entire Straw Hat Crew, each with their own quirks and unique gameplay mechanics. Luffy with his elastic limbs can stretch to reach areas otherwise inaccessible and likewise Chopper can use his diminutive size to squeeze through openings the humanoid members of the crew can?t squeeze through. Ussop, the crew?s marksman, can shoot down objects needed for the various side quests the game has to offer. Combat also seems to have a twist not found in other RPGs, allowing the crew to split up into two groups to fight several groups of enemies.

Despite its lengthy 7 minute, there?s still plenty of things unanswered such as the in-game abilities of other crewmates such as Robin, Brook and Franky. Whether or not relatively new crewmate *SPOILERS* Jinbei will make an appearance or what other iconic locations will be accessible through the island of Memoria. Hopefully Bandai Namco will continue to clue us in as we slowly sail toward the game?s release date. One Piece Odyssey will launch on January 13th, 2023 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY ? Gameplay Trailer:

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY — Gameplay Trailer

From combat systems to field actions and side stories, learn more about the many gameplay elements of ONE PIECE ODYSSEY.

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY sets sail on January 13th, 2023