One Piece Odyssey disembarks worldwide on an original adventure today on PC and consoles

For over 25 years, Eiichiro Oda?s manga magnum opus One Piece has been enthralling fans of adventure worldwide. The Straw Hat crew started in the serene East Blue and eventually found themselves on the Grand Line as their captain, Monkey D. Luffy seeks to be the free-est person in the world, the Pirate King. The motley crew (which includes a reindeer doctor, archaeologist, trans-human shipwright and even a skeletal musician) has seen many trials and tribulations, but there?s certainly adventures that we haven?t seen in the long running manga/anime. This is where Bandai Namco comes into picture, as the publisher/developer that?s responsible for numerous anime game adaptations released a brand new JRPG featuring a brand new adventure with everyone?s favorite pirate crew!

One Piece Odyssey which releases worldwide on PC and console sees the in quite a bind as their mighty vessel, the Thousand Sunny is wrecked, leaving the crew stranded on the mysterious island of Waford. As they seek to get off the island, they?ll be forced to relive past experiences that include adventures in the desert nation of Alabasta, the floating city of Water7 and even the marine stronghold of Marineford. Fans of the series will appreciate cameos of characters from past arcs, and new readers/watchers will get an interactive re-enactment of some of the most pivotal moments of the series.

As a long-time reader of the series, I?m always down to relive the long running series? finest moments, the JRPG format means I can split my attention while playing unlike the series? action-adventure or fighting titles. I don?t expect the title to win any game of the year awards, but for fans of the series, you?re eating well very early in 2023.

One Piece Odyssey is available on PC, and the PlayStation and Xbox platforms today and for those who need more Luffy on their shelves, the game has a collector?s edition sold exclusively at the Bandai Namco Store which includes a statue with the manic captain and Lim, the original character created exclusively for the title.

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY ? Launch Trailer:

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY — Launch Trailer

Join Luffy and the Straw Hats on a brand-new adventure in an odyssey beyond imagination! ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is available now on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam!

? Explore the legendary and mysterious island of Waford, battling enemies and meeting new allies designed by series creator, Eiichiro Oda

? Immerse yourself in a world of Memories as you return to classic story arcs ? including Alabasta, Water Seven, Marineford, and Dressrosa ? where events may play out differently from before

? Engage in exciting turn-based battles while utilizing the unique skills and abilities of each member of the Straw Hat Crew

? Power up your characters any way you want with the flexible equipment system that lets the player customize and improve equipment as they see fit.