Have No More Heroes 3 delivered to you via the power of the interweb!

Travis Touchdown might be the world?s greatest assassin, but he?s Otaku first and foremost! While hoarding goods is the best way to wave that flag, some gamers want to live that monastic life with as little possessions as possible. If mindset describes you to a tee, XSEED has wonderful news for you. The minimalist gamer can grab Travis? possibly penultimate adventure on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on their respective digital storefronts when the game is liberated from its Nintendo Switch exclusivity on October 11th.

Being ported to platforms with significantly more impressive hardware will mean the game will be run significantly better than the original release. Higher fidelity visuals, more stable frame rates and even speedier load times await those who waited to enter this garden of madness.

Lured out of retirement once again, the stakes are raised to the final frontier as an intergalactic prince challenges the ?Super Heroes? of Earth to stave off an invasion. Fire up the beam katana and fight a cadre of aliens designed by Masanori Ushiki as you climb the ranks of Galactic Superhero Rankings!

For those who feel physical goods are the true path to enlightenment, XSEED has you covered there with the Day 1 Edition of the game, which features a disc you have to physically place into your console, a 70 page artbook, a soundtracker sampler and a Santa Destroy license plate replica. This physical edition will not cost more than a standard title at its $59.99 price point and digital adopters will save $10 dollars, which path will you choose, player?

No More Heroes 3 will debut on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on October 11th