Xbox fans finally get an Atlus special edition to spend their money on

Xbox fans have probably lamented that their platform of choice rarely got Atlus special editions to buy?well with the announcement that 3 mainline Persona will finally grace Microsoft?s console. The latest title in the series, Persona 5 Royal leads the charge on October 21st, to commemorate Atlus will be offering several SKUs for gamers to purchase. PC players unfortunately will have to live with the game digitally, while console players have 3 options to choose from. Digital, Launch and 1 More Edition. This version will feature all of the DLC that the PS4 players can purchase (mostly costumes and music).

The Launch edition will come with a Steelbook case, the 1 More Edition which will be sold exclusively on Shop Atlus, will offer a plethora of goods not found in previous special editions of the game. This includes Treasure chest-inspired packaging, Le Grimoire Art Frame, Akechi?s Briefcase Bag, Arcana Tarot Card Deck (guess I?m buying one more copy of P5R). Persona 5 Royal will release on PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox platform on October 21st.