Deathverse: Let It Die premieres on PlayStation on 9/28, PC on 10/5

Death Jamboree is a television show on the Yotsuyama Broadcast Channel which pits 16 participants in a battle royale. On September 28th PlayStation players (October 5th for PC players) can enter the role of a contestant on this game show set in the Let it Die universe. Choose your weapon, enter the fray, hunt cryptids, gather materials, avoid the hunters and maim your fellow contestants to ensure you remain the last person standing. Late in the trailer there is a visual flicker which quickly displays images of Uncle Death and the Tower of Barbs, how does this game relate to Let It Die?

Hopefully this and many other questions will be answered when Deathverse: Let It Die debuts as a free to play title on the PlayStation platform on September 28 and on PC on October 5th.

Deathverse: Let It Die screens:

Deathverse: Let It Die Launch Trailer:


DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE arrives 9/28 to PS4 & PS5 and 10/5 on PC.

In 2026, a seismic natural disaster known as the Earth?s Rage sent the world into upheaval. Now, several hundred years later…

The inhumanely violent survival reality show DEATH JAMBOREE was born to satiate the devastated human heart. Will you be the last one standing? The star who thrills the crowd and wins wealth and glory beyond compare? Now is your time to shine!

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